Why is there such a range in prices for general contractors in Durham Region?

So, you have picked your project, you have requested quotes from three contractors in Durham Region like “everyone” suggests, and you have asked for references. But how to choose? One contractor’s quote is dirt cheap….and oh so tempting to go with. But what if they run off with your money or worse leave you with shoddy work?  The other two contractors are similar in terms of price, but which one to choose and why the difference?

There are many things to consider when selecting contractors in Durham Region

Firstly, anyone is able to call themselves a contractor, but are they qualified?  The first thing you need to do is find out if they are qualified and skilled. Does that matter to you? It should.  If you are hiring someone to do a project, you have a certain level of expectation. Hiring someone who was trained in the position you are requesting is the first step to making sure your job is done correctly.

Secondly, contractor prices also vary because of the overhead carried by each company, or using unskilled labour. Some companies pay their employees cash (which they are not supposed to do) or minimal wages. In addition, it may be worth finding out if the employees are qualified.  Many times those workers are simply labourers. The boss may be licensed, but what about those who work under him or her? Qualified employees are more expensive than labourers.

Thirdly, there are other expenses for your safety, like paying for insurance, like paying for WSIB, paying for employee fees to the government, and other overhead costs.  If someone is coming in with a low-ball quote they are probably not paying for these expenses appropriately.  We hear of “contractors” pricing for jobs that do not even cover the costs of our materials, let alone the costs of labour. Either the contractor is going to take a major loss, the job will be shoddy, or there will be unexpected costs at the end of the project for the homeowner. If you go with the low-ball quote be prepared.

So how to pick between the final two quotes? Compare apples to apples. Is each contractor providing a detailed quote and are they quoting for the same things? Is there something that one contractor is missing? Do they provide a guarantee for no additional costs at the end? Go with your gut instinct. Go with the person and company that you like the best- that you feel the most comfortable with. When it comes down to two companies that are within reasonable range, go with the company that you think you can work the best with. Price shouldn’t be the only deciding factor when picking a company.